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At CUBICstate, we are passionate about crafting bespoke websites and apps that can empower anyone looking at anything, anywhere.

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Since 2001 we have worked with large organisations, small businesses and sub-contracted our expertise to other agencies.

We understand the online world and use our skills to craft distinctive user experiences which enhance your business, brand and ambitions.

If you're looking to develop an online strategy that's accessible, mobile ready and standards compliant, get in touch.

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  • Your current website remains unchanged
  • No additional mobile site to manage
  • Updates to your existing website are instantly and automatically reflected on the mobile version.
  • Quick turn-around
  • Maximise the investment you've already made in your existing website.

Discover the quick way to make your current website mobile friendly without changing code or content.

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  • Online strategy
  • Content management systems
  • Creative design and build
  • Web accessibility consultancy and auditing
  • Mobile and touchscreen development
  • Mobile web
  • E-mail marketing
  • SEO and analytics
  • Social media strategy
  • ColdFusion
  • jQuery
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Flash and Actionscript

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With over 1 million genuine products in stock Acorn Industrial Services are the leading distributor for MRO products in the UK.

We developed their website to reflect the size of the company and their expertise. A strategy for optimising the site for search engines was a key build requirement along with an intuitive content management system.

We continue to work closely with the team at Acorn, adding and adapting features on the website in the search for excellence.


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Prophet Group

How do you reflect one team providing three trade credit risk solutions?

We created Prophet Group's corporate identity, website, and stationery to complement their high quality seamless service.


Just finished helping https://t.co/58dQmPtXRM take their first steps online. Always a pleasure working with this talented team.

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Think Local Act Personal are a national partnership transforming health and care.

This information rich website holds a wealth of resources to support professionals and features event booking, forums and stand alone tools.


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Housing LIN

How do you distribute and share 1000's of resources with housing care professionals?

By creating an information rich website featuring a resource library, events management, forums and news, Housing LIN has become the 'go to' sharing network for 45,000+ professionals working in housing, health and social care. Our bespoke content management system lets the Housing admin team communicate with users and manage large volumes of content simply and efficiently.


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Acorn Express

This website has become a key attribute for Acorn's business, providing a stable and reliable online ordering and stock enquiry system for their 120,000+ products.


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Prophet Collections

We developed a bespoke case management system that streamlines client administration and communication, generating a clear audit trail which helps Prophet Group deliver a reliable and secure service.

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Looking for something in your local shopping centre?

Our interactive shopping centre maps have been deployed throughout the UK and abroad. Built to be viewed on multiple devices with wayfinding to help people navigate to their chosen destination via the quickest or most accessible route. All maps are integrated with the shopping centre's own content management system.

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Just a few of the people we've worked with

  • Department of Health
  • haymarket
  • Acorn Industrial Services
  • NHS
  • vicinitee
  • Prophet Group

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Wellcheck is a screening tool developed to help GPs and organisations identify problems caused lifestyle choices such as excessive alcohol consumption. The tool was designed to be both detached and at the same time re-assuring for the patient and works on a range of devices.


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The aim of the Dignity in Care Council was to recruit a network of 1,500 Dignity Champions. 5 years later there are now over 60,000 Champions using the mapping mash-ups, resources and e-mail discussion groups to share information and put dignity at the heart of UK care.


Great to see our friends in America getting ready for GDPR https://t.co/qlyFRrdFRi

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To launch Protorque industrial belts onto the market we designed an eye-catching website showcasing the new brand's key features and product specifications. The website will easily adapt as the Protorque range increases.


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By translating a series of complex Excel sheets into a JavaScript/AJAX online analysis tool we helped Housing LIN users to identify the potential demand for specialist housing in England and Wales.


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Markers of Progress

This tool reduces admin overheads for NHS England by collating CCG participation in the personal health budgets delivery programme, it also features graphical comparisons and data exports.

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Personalised Care and Support Planning Tool

With intuitive navigation the PCSP tool follows different characters' journeys through personalised care and support planning. The stylised imagery was drawn by our own fair hands.

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